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Upper Arlington Special Olympics


Welcome to Upper Arlington Special Olympics Swimming 2022-23!

The 2022-23 Swimming season will start Sunday Oct 9th!

Pre-season swimming information meeting Thursday Sept. 29th at 6pm
at Burbank shelter behind the school
4770 Burbank Drive

Coach Karen Engel and assistant coach Caroline Mislan are back!

Practices are Sunday's from Noon to 1pm at Upper Arlington High School Natatorium

Bring a towel and your flip flops! 
Athletes are welcome to bring a swim cap or goggles but is not required.

Swim meets provide opportunities for individual and team relay events.
Participation in swim meets is optional. 

Sunday December 18, 2022 Fun Meet at Hilliard YMCA

Saturday January 14, 2022 Area Swim Meet hosted at UAHS
Note, you must participate in the area meet in order to participate in Winter Games
Warm ups start at 8:30am, Meet starts at 9:05am. 
Order of Events
1. 200m individual medley
2. 50m Breaststroke - Lydia (D2L2)
3. 25m Backstroke - Kelsey (D3L2), AJ (D6L1)
4. 200m Backstroke
5. 50m Butterfly
6. 100m Freestyle
7. 25m Butterfly - Liz (D2L1)
8. 4x25m unified medley relay
9. 4x25m traditional medley relay
10. 100m individual medley
11. 50m Freestyle - Lydia (D3L2), Christina (D4L2), Jackie (D6L1), Kelsey (D6L2), Avery (D6L3), Hayden (D7L3), Trevor (D8L2), Jack (D8L3), Andrew (D10L3), Max (D11L2), Nick (D14L3), Evan (D16L6)
12. 100m Butterfly
13. 25m Breaststroke
14. 4x25m unified freestyle relay
15. 4x25m traditional freestyle relay - Christina, Jackie, Liz, Avery (D1L1), Trevor, Andrew, Hayden, Nick (D4L2)
16. 200m Freestyle
17. 100m Backstroke
18.  25m Freestyle - Avery (D3L3), Jackie (D3L5), Christina (D4L2), Liz (D4L3), Jack (D11L1), Hayden (D11L2), Trevor (D11L4), Nick (D12L1), Max (D12L2), AJ (D12L3), Andrew (D12L4), Mikey (D13L3), Evan (D14L2)
19. 100m Breaststroke
20. 50m Backstroke
21. 4x50 unified freestyle relay
22. 4x50 traditional freestyle relay

March 3-5, 2023 Winter Games State Swim Meet hosted at Bowling Green University