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Upper Arlington Special Olympics

Get Started in UA Special Olympics!

Athletes of any age can participate in Upper Arlington Special Olympics practices,

although athletes must be at least 8 years old in order to participate in competitions.

Get Started & Join Us

1) Create an account

This will include UASO participation consent, UASO code of conduct, and jersey/equipment agreements. Please note, program registration may not be displayed even though a sport is open for participation.

2) Read through Our Program and explore the Sports Listings

3) Athletes, complete the three required Forms and bring them to practice

        A) Special Olympics Medical Form

There are sections on the form that must be completed by a medical practitioner licensed to give physicals (Doctor, Physician's Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, etc.)

  B) Special Olympics Release Form

        C) The 2021 Special Olympics Waiver

Not an Athlete or Parent but want to Volunteer? It's Easy! Complete a Volunteer application 

Still not sure if you are ready? 
 New athletes are always welcome to join us!

Come to a practice and check it out!